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Cogent Retouch is well trusted photo editing service provider in india for photographers and e-commerce web shops from all over the globe.We have specialised team of experienced image editors for beauty and fashion retouching,clipping path services,ghost mannequin editing,jewelry retouching,product (Industrial,automobile,cosmetics,bags,shoes,toys & a lot more) image retouching, wedding lightroom and album designing services.This is why commercial photographers and e-commerce storefronts have a huge trust on us and we also try to meet their expectations by providing them quality retouched images at a fast tun around time which is a very serious concern of any online selling store or any profession jewelery photographer or wedding photographer.

Every organisation has some core values which strenthens its foundation and keeps it rock steady in adverse situations also.We also have some decisive points to recall:


can not be taught or pour
into some one's heart and soul. If it is
in your blood,in your comany's culturethen only it is reflected in your work.At cogent retouch, our strong belief is to loose a job is always better than to loose client's faith in us by making fake commitment.So be sure of you turn around time expectations,it will be promised only on real grounds.But it does not mean that we undertake only those projects which are on easy time schedules. Most of the time we have to strech our capacity to meet consumer's deadlines,We believe every reliable company would do that.


between a consumer and a
service provider is built and maintained
only when both parties respect each ohter's concerns and responsibilities.Jitin and Charu-piller stones of cogent retouch-have come to a conclusion after working so long,that to retain a client is possible only when we become solution to his problems.It can be anything-quality,turn around time,flexible payment policy or sometimes any crunch which may be time oriented or it may be financial crunch.We strive hard to stand up with our clients always and thus we seldom face bad debt problems.



Two creative minds, jitin & charu, undrestood the need of growing requirement of Photo Editing and Retouching and hence planned their family to grow a step forward.
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Our philosophy

"The family who stays together,grows together" .This is the basic culture at cogent retouch,we count our clients and team members as a one big family which stands together on the basis of trust.
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Besides all other technical and creative capabilities, we have few more..
* Openess for learning new technologies, view points and ideas
* To cherish every small & big moment of acheivement with our team


A photographer, an online retailer, an e-commerce company, website designers/developers, catalogue designers, we have a niche for everyone's retouching need. Standard or customised , we love to serve you with our skill and expertise. You speek, we litsen, we give suggestion and help you to improve your shooting result if you are not hiring a professional photographer. Working with us is that comfortable.

Our services


Clipping path Creation

With the growing trend of E-commerce
retail chains, displaying the products in a uniform manner has become most important...

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Ghost Mannequin Editing

One of the best Ghost Mannequin Editing/Neck joint Retouching service provider in india amongst all best players in the field...

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Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry Image retouching is a specialized division of Cogent Retouching company. With and acute focus on jewelry photo editing...

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A very common requirement of today's marketplace is to creatively express high end fashion & beauty images...

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Product Images Retouching

The growing trend of online selling,lets you feel the requiremnt of product retouching for a professional display of your images...

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Newborn/Wedding Image Retouching

We love to help professional wedding photographers with our different kind of wedding images processing services...

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E-Commerce Photo Editing

A burning requirement of today's market scenario

E-Commerce photo editing is one of the most sought after service required at cogent retouch.Being experienced in variated fields of image retouching and ability of handleing a great bulk of images per day,cogent retouch has become one of the mast popular photo editing services provider in india.

Our Team

A bunch of innovative & Smart Working People


Jitin Kohli

Co Founder


Charu Kohli

Co Founder


Ishu Anand

Technical Expert



Quality Analyst

Together Everyone Acheives more...

Breaking the conventional organizational Structures, we follow the concept of synergy where sum is the greater then the parts.
We support a more empowered way of learner structure and minimal but motivational heirarchy.



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