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Clipping Path or background removal to achieve a clean and crisp image for online display is most sought after service for any online business now a days. With the growing trend of E-commerce online retail chains, displaying the products in a uniform manner has become most important. Here comes the Clipping Path Services, which is the easiest way to maintain the flexibility of any product to place on various backgrounds. Our clipping path services produces an expert outline of any object, which can be easily isolated on mono color background, transparent background or any studio background. Usually Clipping path are created using photoshop within an image as an embedded path or Alpha channel, so that to make it usable for any background.

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Clipping Path Service: The Need

Basically, images with embedded clipping path offers a great compatibility for any kind of graphic usage. Once you get the photoshoot done of your products, you proceed for the second step and get the clipping paths created on every image, this makes your images usable for website catalogue, print catalog, posters or any other graphical purpose.

Clipping Path Service : The Process

To explain the clipping path in a simple words : " A clipping path is a closed outline of any object, figure or graphics". Our graphic designers use the pen tool in photoshop software to draw a meticulous outline and save that outline as clipping path/ alpha channel mask.
This Outline can be used as a selection to knock out the background or isolate the object from the background and it can be used in any format ( psd, tiff, png, giff etc.)

Who need the clipping path services

So many professionals outsource clipping path services to India. E-Commerce Companies, Product Photographers, Jewellery Photographers, Web designing companies, Advertising Companies and printing industries require the clipping path drawn on the images. A graphics design company requires hundreds of images to be placed in a catalogue and similerly a web company comes accross a need to display various products on shopping websites on regular basis.

Our professionals at Cogent Retouch, closely work with the photographers/ advertising companies/ E-commerce websites , and provide them with best of their skills to create clipping paths.

Levels in Clipping Path Services

We ensure that each clipping path is created manually in photoshop using pen tool. Now here comes the complexity levels of creating clipping paths and complexity level depends upon the approximate time involved in producing the complete path /paths. We have divided the complexity levels in three broader categories.

a) Simple Clipping Path : Products with smooth straight edges comes under this simple clipping path category.
b) Moderate Clipping path : Products with curvy and uneven edges like jewellry , furniture etc. comes under moderate     Clipping path Category.
c) Complex Clipping Path : Products which are really time conuming because of their complex curves and requires     multiple paths to create the complete silo/outline of object, can be defined as Complex Clippintg Path Service.

  Applying Effects to clipping Path selections

Other then creating clipping path, our profesional photo editors are expert in creating shadows or reflections of the object.

> Clipping path with shadow : Applying shadows to clipping paths, gives the product a very natural appearance. Weather the image has natural shadow or not , our staff is expert in creating the flawless image.

> Clipping Path with Reflection : If you are planning to produce your images with a mirror like reflection, then our expertise makes it truly awsome.

Background Removal Services / Photo Cutout Services / Deep Etch Cutout

Background removal services are often used by online shopping portals, Advertising companies, Web companies and model/commercial photographers. An E-commerce company prefers to display its products in an a beautiful way with same color background all over the website. Products isolated from the original background can be placed on white, black, grey or any other color along with natural drop shadow or mirror like reflection , to enhance the image and making it much more convincing and saleable.

Photo Masking Services

It is more likely a background removal service but with a totally different process. Photo Masking is required in case of frizzy edges product , where applying the Pen tool would not produce a natural effect. Our Expert professionals are experieneced in producing fine channel masking or alpha masking.

Our Approach to Achieve Client's Satisfaction

1) Always work to produce best of quality.
2) Our experts gives full attention towards the details .
3) We work with proper planning and execute the project .
4) Quick Service , with no compromise on quality.
5) Reasonable pricing and great discounts for bulk orders.

We love to listen your queries, suggestions and comments. Please feel free to share your queries, discussions and views and mail us at charu.cogent@gmail.com
we will revert back to you at earliest

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