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"We are a close family of Skilled and Commited team that strive to deliver quality and honesty."

Cogent retouch is a digital retouching services company in india founded & nurtured by a creatives duo,Jitin(Commercial Photographer) and Charu(Graphic Designer)with a team of diversified specialists in photo editing services.It was incorporated to attend the fast growing need of retouching services ,all over the globe.Our competent team is capable of handling e-commerce retouching,ghost mannequin editing,jewelry retouching,beauty and fashion retouching services for fashion photographers and modeling agencies and lightroom editing for wedding photographers. We don't boast of our work and capabilities,their success is shown in our growing list of satisfied clients.We have a good track record of retaining the clients through our incomparable customer support system.We are always there to solve their issues.


Jitin (Co Founder)

Jitin has been photographing since 1999 and explored different spectrums of professional photography,started with wedding photography and then fashion ,advertising shoot,product to jewelry photography.This journey gave him to get understanding of needs of photography business.From the very beginning of his photography carrier ,he felt a huge need of photo editing service partner for any photographer,a photo studio and now a days any of e c-commerce webshop.So he gathered his expertise and charu's (His wife)retouching skills to go for a retouching solution setup and finally Cogent Retouch incorprated.


Charu (Co Founder)

Charu has been the driving force of Jitin's personal and professional life always.She got married to Jitin in 2002 and since then she started taking interest in graphic designing and image retouching to help him to achieve best possible results.Coming together down the years,she also began to get familiar with lighting and other photography techniques which helped her a lot to boost her photo editing expertise.Charu is soul of cogent family.She is everywhere, whether it is customer support,retouching floor,quality guide lines,any strategy makeovers . She is the only one,every cogent team member looks up to ,for any help and guidance.

Our philosophy

"The family who stays together,grows together" .This is the basic culture at cogent retouch,we count our clients and team members as a one big family which stands together on the basis of trust. I always have admired views of "Jack Ma"(founder of Alibaba) and try to follow his vision. As he says-Custmor comes first, then your team members and then your stake holders.Same philosophy is been applied to our preferences at cogent. Our customer is at our top most priority and then our team is crucial to us who work hard to make them(Clients) satisfied.For Stake holders-thank god we do not have any.
 "Jitin Kohli"(Co Founder)

our working

Price agreement

After discussing the project we prefer to quote for the same and if both of us reach to mutual agreement for pricing we ask for 4-5 images to retouch as a free trial.

Discuss with team leaders

Cogent's assets are its team leaders.So after knowing the customer's requirement,charu discuss it with team leader of that particular retouching service and tries to keep it simple.

Feed back

Now it's showtime,we send those 4-5 images back to the client to know his reviews.If he gets satisfied then it's great but if he has some issues ,then we keep on trying to solve them and make him saisfied.In this process we are in constant touch with him through mails or skype chats.

Continuous Customer support

We are always there to listen the problems through mails and skype chat and try to solve them frequently.We know that after good work ,it is the only client support who retains him forever.

To know the client's Requirement

When we receive any enquiry,client normally asks for any particular retouching service without telling his preferred style or liking.Sometimes he himself is not sure of it,then usually charu tries to discuss more with him to know explicitly his needs to avoid going towards wrong direction.

Free Trial

Now the client sends 4-5 images to get retouched and this project is free of cost always.

Deploy the right team

Now it's team leader's turn.Project is now discussed with team members of that retouching service and one or two members start working on that.Team Leader and Charu( Floor manager and Co-founder) are always there to help them.

Start with pilot Project

After getting satisfied by trial project client usually gives the pilot project of large batch of images to check the consistency and turn around time.This is beneficial for both parties to know more each other's attitude towards the work.We always say that after facing teething problems in the starting,usually our understanding gets better & better for the future.

Team Discussion


Besides all other technical and creative capabilities, we have few more..

# Openess for learning new technologies, view points and ideas.

# To cherish every small & big moment of acheivement with our team.

# Cooperation is our key to client's satisfaction and a happy team.

# Maintainance of healthy innovative relationship with our client's.

We love to listen your queries, suggestions and comments. Please feel free to share your queries, discussions and views and mail us at
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