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Beauty-Fashion Skin Retouching Services

Beauty or fashion skin retouching is an integral part of each & every successful Modal photo shoot for any modal ageny,stock photo company or any professional fashion portfolio photographer.A very common requirement of today's marketplace is to creatively express high end fashion & beauty images. Every advertising agency needs a flawless looking model image for bigger displays, print advertising and electronic media. Extensive use of photoshop editing and retouching contributes an important part in beautification of fashion and style.

Our fashion / beauty editors are highly skilled to bring out the intricate details of images on large canvas. Many years of experience has made our retouchers to reach at a point where they know use of only readymade photoshop filters can make a pic look overdone or you can say plastic look.So our image editors always try to make a balance in retouching teqniques to give your fashion images a natural and elegant look.For high end fashion retouching we apply frequency separation retouching effect to achieve the best result. Whether you are the fashion designer, makeup artist, fashion photographer or portrait photographer, we are all set to create stunning imagery out of your images. Our expert photo retouchers are aware of all modern tendencies of style, fashion and photo design.

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We go through few important steps to create beautiful images.

  • SKIN: Smooth, eliminate / reduce lines, wrinkles & blemishes.

  • SKIN TONE: Reduce redness, even tone, add tan.

  • BODY: Body contouring, reduce / add weight, add definition.

  • FACE: Relight, add highlights, lighten under eyes.

  • HAIR: Fix stray hairs, straighten, add volume, add shine.

  • EYES: Brighten eyes, sharpen, affect color, add make up.

  • LIPS: Plump lips, add gloss & shine.

  • TEETH: Straighten & whiten teeth.

  • LIGHTING: Create contrast, lighting effects, dodge & burn.

  • FRAME: Remove / Add objects.

  • BACKGROUND: Change, extend background, deep etch.

  • IMAGE: Multiple Exposures, crop, reduce or enlarge image.

  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Manipulation, Restoration, Collage.

  • FILTERS: Creative effects.

Quality beauty retouching requires top skills and a very good understanding of highlight and shadows work. The most difficult part is achieving perfection and knowing the exact point where to stop and make it look absolutely spot on, not overcooked , not underdone, just perfect.

Beauty Retouching is a most desired services for fashion photographers and advertising agencies. An expert and experienced photo editor truly adds a perfection to any editorial image.

Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching is a complex and intelligent job too. To produce a good portrait image, one has to be skilled enough to understand the effect of a natural light portrait and strobe lighting portrait. The effect desired by the photographer and adding special effects like sun flare, snow flakes, textures, color tones, depth of field etc.

In portrait retouching we take care of following tasks

  • Retouch blemishes, scars etc.

  • Even skin tone.

  • Remove wrinkles.

  • Glossy magazine type airbrushing.

  • "virtual" weight reduction.

  • Naturalise skin tones.

  • Remove red eye and brighten eyes.

  • Teeth whitening and repair.

  • Add makeup, lengthen and darken lashes.

  • Remove background distractions.

  • Correct colour, lighten overly dark photos and enhance contrast.

We use trendy photoshop actions and lightroom presets also to create stunning looks. Try our specialized portrait service for model portfolios, family pictures, artistic portraits etc.

Our Approach to Achieve Client's Satisfaction:

1) Always work to produce best of quality.
2) Our experts gives full attention towards the details.
3) We work with proper planning and execute the project.
4) Quick Service, with no compromise on quality.
5) Reasonable pricing and great discounts for bulk orders.

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