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Ghost Mannequin Editing

Cogent Retouch is one of the best Ghost Mannequin Editing/Neck joint Retouching service provider in india amongst all best palyers in the field.We Specialise in invisible mannequin effect for any apparel to enhance its online sales and assuring you Quality Product-Fast Turn Around Time and Reasonable pricing at the same time and have become imperative for any on line business model( wheather it is an E commece photographer or store,small website or big portal ) who wants to enhance its sales and stand out distinguished in fashion industry.

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Why do we need Invisible Mannequin Editing Services ?

Flat lay shooting style does not allow photographer to explain the actual fit of the apparel ,on the other hand while displaying the garments on mannequin is the best way to elaborate the actual fit and fall of any garment. But the photographs taken in this style are not fit for direct display on your website or catalog. Here comes the requirement of Ghost Mannequin Editing or in simple term invisible mannequin photo retouching services that produces a photograph with same fit and fall but without mannequin.These images, now becomes quite alluring to get displayed on the website with monocolor background .

How to do the ghost mannequin effect in photoshop?

The Guidelines we follow under Ghost Dummy Editing Service

Our expert photo editors, creates the best invisible mannequin images, taking care of the below mentioned guiding points.

  • Creating Symmetry of sleeves, shoulders, waist line etc.

  • Mending the broken seams.

  • Removing the unwanted creases.

  • Removing the extra threads, unwanted spots and mannequin from the garment.

  • Attaching the inner back of the garment with proper shadow to produce the 3 dimensional type look..

  • Finally, exporting the image according to the web optimization.

Invisible Mannequin Editing : the specialization and diversification

What are the variants of Ghost Mannequin Retouching ?

For Fashion Apparel exporters, manufactures or online sellers, we offer two subcategories of Ghost Mannequin Retouching i.e

  • a)  Neck joint Mannequin Editing : This can be called as level one for ghost mannequin editing where we take three steps:


     (i)Removing the mannequin from the image.
     (ii)Joining the inner back to the Garment.
     (iii)Creating shadow in between the front and inner back to give the garment a 3-Diamensional look.

  • b)  Ghost mannequin/Invisible mannequin editing: Here we provide a detailed editing / retouching of the Raw garment image to give it a flawless look. We follow these steps to achieve this result.


     (i)Removing the mannequin from the image.
     (ii)Joining the inner back to the Garment.
     (iii)Creating shadow in between the front and inner back to give the garment a 3-Diamensional look.
     (iv)Mending the broken seams, removing extra threads etc.
     (v)Equalizing the sleeves, waist, necklines etc.
     (vi)Removing the unwanted wrinkles.
     (vii)Finally exporting the web optimized image.

Lingerie/Innerwear and women's wear Editing Specialization

The most difficult division of invisible dummy editing is women's dressing which needs expertise. A lot of complex dresses needs back and inner front joining and front with inner back joining which requires and expert vision about the actual look of garment ( i.e. depth of front/back neckline, length of front/back waist line, design of sleeves etc.). We specially work with maximum detailing to showcase the real feel of the garment and enhance its visual appeal.

Fast TAT ( Turn Around Time) with quality retouching at affordable price:

Our expert team is proficient enough to deliver the required result to you with a quick turn around time. So, If you are an E-commerce online retailer of fashion brand, a garment manufacturer or a fashion designer, we have specialized team to handle your work flow and showcase your clothing images in an impressive way which are alluring and saleable.

Placing an order with Us

Placing an order with us for ghost dummy editing is very simple. you can just mail us stating about your requirement, quantity of images in a batch/month and few details about your company. Our active team will revert back on your mail quickly and would assist you to make this process easier for you.

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