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Jewelry Photo Retouching Services:

Jewelry Image retouching is most sought after and popular service of Cogent Retouching Company. With and acute focus on jewelry photo editing, we have many happy clients including E-commerce online retailers, Jewelry designers and photographers all over the globe. Our expert team of retouchers pay attention to every detail and meticulously work to produce alluring results , which eventually lead to absolutely convincing jewel showcase and increase its salability.

We have an efficient team to handle your bulk images at a faster speed. We process hundreds of images on daily basis with dual level quality checking.

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Customization of Levels in Jewelry Photo Retouching

Considering our clients differentiated needs and likings, we have categorized the jewelry retouching into two basic levels.
1) Cutout and light retouching : This is the basic level and can be useful for imitation or semi precious kind of jewelry where the product should look beautiful placed on the monocolor background .
2) High End Retouching : For detailed retouching of precious jewelry, We provide high end jewelry service. Our expert retouching professionals edit images with a beautiful metallic effect and enhance the stones/diamonds to finally create truly compelling images.

What is Tiffany Style Retouching and do you do it ?

Yes we have the expertise to deliver high end tiffany styled Jewelry Photos with alluring looks. The toughest of jewelry editing is often called as tiffany style editing. Keeping the maximum detailing and maximum originality in mind, the images are retouched in such a way that these images looks different from others with a different color hue.

Jewelery Retouching - The Complexity Levels

Editing jewelry is a complex and detail oriented task and has a wide variety of objects e.g. Rings, Bangles, Earrings, Necklaces, Multistrand Necklaces, Miscellaneous jewels and accessories. So to make it easier to understand we segregated the jewelry retouching in two categories :

1) Basic Retouch

Rings, earrings, simple accessories etc. comes under this category

2) Complex Retouch

Necklaces, complex neckpieces, complex accessories, Multistrand necklaces .

Professionals who require jewelry Image Editing Services

As editing jewelry photos is a tough task, almost every professional needs an expert to give that perfect flawless look ,even for the best shot photograph also. Commercial/Jewelry Photographers, E-Commerce jewelry portals, Online jewelry selling brands, jewelry designers, Jewelry catalogue designers often require our expert photo editing services.

What we do to produce a Perfect flawless Image

Our expert team follows an array of steps to create a perfect jewelry image.

1) Producing a sharp image using focus stacking.

2) Create a meticulous path to knock out the original background and replacing it with a monotonous background.

3) Removing blemishes, removing blinks and reflection corrections , maintaining shadows and highlights.

4) Enhancing the metal color: gold, silver, white gold, platinum, bronze etc.

5) Enhancing the color and cuts of the Stone/Gem/Diamond.

6) Clarity improvement and sharpening.

7) Creating Natural shadows and reflections to give the image a wow effect.

Cogent Retouch Jewelry Photo Editing Service : The Specialty

1) The images are edited with customized approach according to the special instruction given by our clients or occasionally we add our style to get the desired result.
2) We edit the hi-resolutions images and deliver the hi-resolution retouched files to you unlike other retouching companies, who charge according to size and resolution of the image to be delivered.
3) We leave no stone unturned to archive best possible result, no matter how many times revision are done.

We are here to help you with all your jewelry retouching problems. All you need to do is just mail us at (charu.cogent@gmail.com) stating all your requirements, confusions and queries. Our experts would reply back soon.


You can also ask for free trial to get assured about the quality we provide and after satisfaction you can assign us the complete project.

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