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Cogent Retouch offers an expert
Product Retouching Service
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The growing trend of online selling of products & services, lets you feel the requiremnt of product retouching for a professional display of your images and services. At Cogent Reouch, we offer professional photo editing for online stores and brands to beautify your product images with high saleability and shine.

Even the best clicked picture has dust, scratches and inconsistent backgrounds, our professional picture editing team, take out all the distracting elements and create a uniform background for your product pictures.

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The detail - An important feature

Giving attention to every little detail is very important to show the real product in a small picture. So, many of our clients prefer to show different angles of a single product, and our expert retouchers enhance every small detail of the product.

We use various tools of the photoshop to edit the images for

  • a) Color enhancement

  • b) Removing dust, scraches, discloration etc.

  • c) Creating the monotonous background

  • e) Increase the sharpness

  • f) Optimising the images for web

We can provide you with a wide variety of product retouching services like:

  • a) Basic Fixes : Exposure correction and color enahncement, increasing sharpness and cropping.

  • b) Medium level Retouching : Cleaning and polishing images and removing dust, scratches, fingerprints and any other imperfections and flaws.

  • c) Advanced level Retouching : Other then above two levels, proper highlight and shadow creation, background effects, creating shadow or reflection, additional customised editing etc.

For E-commerce portals, online retailers, Website developers and catalogue designers, we do all the necessory image post production for big and small projects. We also handle " on model fashion" and " clothing on mannequin shoots" and much more. So, just mail us to discuss any of your requirement.

Our Product retouching services offers:

  • Jewelry Photo Retouching

  • Apparel Photo Retouching

  • Furniture Photo Retouching

  • Food Photo Retouching

  • Industrial spares and Machines

  • Electronic goods

  • Footwear Photo Editing

  • Cosmetics Image Editing

  • Automobiles and Accessories Retouching

  • Real Estate Photo Retouching

  • Automobile Photo Retouching

  • Fashion Photo Retouching

  • Changing Colors of Products

  • Enhancing any other product photos

You can rely on us for good quality work and commitments along with regular updation about your work. If you have a good bulk of images to get edited, just mail us about your work and avail good discounts.

We are here to help you with all your Product retouching reqirements. All you need to do is just mail us at ( stating all your requirements, confusions and queries. Our experts would reply back soon.


You can also ask for free trial to get assured about the quality we provide and after satisfaction you can assign us the complete project

We love to listen your queries, suggestions and comments. Please feel free to share your queries, discussions and views and mail us at
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